Update 1/7:

After about 10 hrs of being taken down Tab Resize was put back up in the store. A notification did not specify the exact offending text. It really isn’t a big deal when it happens with a relatively small extension like Tab Resize. But it this were to happen to one of the most popular ones without warning like Adblock and such - the effects would definitely be felt.

After 3+ years of living happily in the Chrome Store, Tab Resize was taken down - with absolutely no warning.

I understand that the terms and agreements need to be followed but some notice, any notice would be nice. The exact offending text was not specified. Only the part of the ‘terms and agreement’ that was violated was mentioned in the email. It would be nice if devs were given this information up front so we’d avoid any future bannings.

Unfortunately after requesting to republish the extension it needs to be manually validated. Hopefully it won’t take long to get back up and running again. And a Happy New Year to you too Chrome Store.

Notification from the Chrome Dev Team:

Dear Developer,

Your Google Chrome item, “Tab Resize - split screen layouts,” with ID: bkpenclhmiealbebdopglffmfdiilejc did not comply with our policies and was removed from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Your item did not comply with the following section of our policy:

Do not use irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in app descriptions, titles, or metadata.

If you’d like to re-submit your item, please make the appropriate changes to the item so that it complies with our policies, then re-publish it in your developer dashboard. Please reply to this email for issues regarding this item removal.

*Please keep in mind that your re-submitted item will not be immediately published live in the store. All re-submitted items undergo a strict compliance review and will be re-published if the item passes review.

*Important Note Repeated or egregious violations in the store may result in your developer account being banned from the store. This may also result in the suspension of related Google services associated with your Google account. All re-submitted items will continue to be subject to Chrome Web Store policies and terms of service.

Thank you for your cooperation, Google Chrome Web Store team